In the 1990s, 4Life founder David Lisonbee made a decision that revolutionized how millions of people around the world support their health. He knew that the immune system played a crucial role in good health and started researching ingredients to support the immune system. His research into transfer factors, the immune system and the combination of transfer factors from colostrum and chicken egg yolk created an entire line of exclusive products.

4life-dairy-farm4Life partners with dairy farms all over the United States to harvest cow Colostrum. Majority of these farms are family-owned businesses and are “grade A” certified. All dairy farmers associated are in compliance with the pasteurized milk ordinance guidelines by the US FDA. Dr. Richard Bennett, a member of the 4life Health Sciences Advisory Board regularly visits the dairy farms to inspect the colostrum collection process and ensure the implementation of 4Life’s exacting standards of transfer factor production.

The dairymen extracts several liters of colostrum from the cow’s first milking and collected within 16 hours after birth. Colostrum is quickly frozen for storage until it is sent for processing to maintain the bio active components. It is then transported in refrigerated trucks to the processing facility, all containers are sanitized before and after the process to ensure safety.

4life-colostrumFrom the large freezer, the colostrum is transferred to a stainless steel tank where it’s thawed, mixed and tested for quality. When the colostrum reaches a proprietary temperature it is filtered to remove any impurities. Fat is taken out of the colostrum and then flash pasteurized to prevent any contamination from external sources. Colostrum is ultra-filtered using a process that is completely unique to 4Life. The result is pure concentrated Transfer Factor. In order to facilitate the drying process the concentrated Transfer Factor proteins and other peptides are added back to a specified amount of colostrum. The liquid is removed from the mixture using a low heat, low-pressure, indirect steam drying process. This preserves maximum bio-activity and maintains the integrity of Transfer Factor molecules. The result is a fine, free-flowing powder. The colostrum brings a wealth of benefits with additional immune compounds to the finished product.

4life Chicken-egg-yolksNext is the process for obtaining Transfer Factor proteins and peptides from chicken egg yolk. The poultry industry operates under the regulations and standards of the USDA. Hormones are not fed to poultry in the United States and federal law requires that all egg products be pasteurized. Farm fresh eggs are transported to a partner processing facility. The eggs are cleaned and sanitized with quality control checks made throughout the process. High speed machines automatically break and separate shells, yolks and whites. Yolks are pasteurized, mixed and refrigerated. Once the egg yolk has gone through the filtering and drying process, it is ready to be shipped to 4Life’s manufacturing facility. Here the transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks are blended with 4Life’s Nano Factor.

The manufacturing process begins with receipt of each raw material. Each ingredient is tested, weighed and measured according to the product formula. After all ingredients are verified, they are  mixed according to procedure for specific amount of time and speed to ensure product uniformity. 4Life’s research and development team then test the ingredient blend to make sure the product will encapsulate properly.

transfer-factor-capsulesThe Transfer Factor powder is released for encapsulation where the precise amount of product is placed in each capsule. The capsules are placed in clean containers and bottles are heat-sealed, labeled and sealed with a tamper resistant seal. A lot code is applied to each bottle to trace the product all the way through the manufacturing and distribution process.

“4Life Transfer Factor comes from the family farm to your family. The health of your family is our number one concern when you purchase products to support your health.” – Bianca Lisonbee


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