How long does it take to feel the effects of Transfer Factor?

– The length of time varies from one person to another. Factors such as age, lifestyle and health status are also taken into consideration.

Is Transfer Factor FDA (BFAD) approved?

tf plus– Yes. 4Life complies with all the regulations set by the Philippine FDA. The “NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS” label seen on most Transfer Factor products is also required, similar to all food supplement products registered with FDA.

Is Transfer Factor Safe for Children and Pregnant women?

– It is recommended that you consult with your physician before use.

How is 4Life Transfer Factor different from other products?

– Almost all immune system products on the market (vitamins, minerals, and herbs) have one thing in common: they provide temporary nutrition. However, the best long-term solution for an active, balanced immune system response is information. Looking beyond simple nutrition to providing vital information is a profound paradigm shift, and only 4Life Transfer Factor products leverage this innovative approach.

Will Transfer Factor address my specific medically diagnosed condition?

– Unfortunately, 4Life is unable to prescribe specific supplements for identified conditions; we are only able to describe system function that may be supported through supplementation. Overall, Transfer Factor products are designed to support normal immune function.

Can people who are Lactose Intolerant use Transfer Factor?

– It is recommended that you consult with your physician before use.

Are Transfer Factor Products also available in drugstore and convenient stores?

– No. Transfer Factor Products are exclusively available thru distributors of 4Life Research. You may order directly from this website by browsing the products tab and click “Buy now” or contact John using mobile phone or landline.

How to store Transfer Factor products?

– It is advised not to expose Transfer Factor Products under direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to high temperatures can degrade potency and possibly neutralize Transfer Factor activity. Transfer Factor should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

Who are exempted from using Transfer Factor products?

– Only people who had Organ transplant and taking Immuno-suppressants are not encouraged to take Transfer Factor. They are taking medicines intended to weaken the Immune System so it will not reject the newly transferred “foreign” organ.

Can I use Transfer Factor products for topical application?

– Yes, TF can also be applied externally. Recommended products include Transfer Factor Riovida and Enummi Face System. Please consult with a physician for information on specific skin conditions.

Can I discontinue taking Transfer Factor?

– Ideally, Transfer Factor should be used daily to continually work to support the immune system. If you discontinue taking Transfer Factor, your immune system may miss out on its daily support.

Are there any research studies available on Transfer Factor?

4Life released three booklets containing condensed information from the researches available on Transfer Factor and the components that were brought together in Transfer Factor Plus. The first booklet is “Transfer Factor” by William Hennen,  Ph.D. the second is called “Enhanced Transfer Factor”, also by Dr. Hennen. A third booklet by a member of 4Life’s Medical Advisory Board, Rita Elkins, MH, is also entitled “Transfer Factor”, and is written in layman’s terms so the general population can gain additional knowledge. Each of these booklets contains hundreds of additional references.


  1. hi i am dinesh sharma from india i had given my father transfer factor and transfer factor plus actually he is diagnosed with left vocal cord c***** last year so result good his immune system is up and i want to know that the products available in india are they equal in quality and price? my mobile no is 9855155581

    1. Hello there, in terms of quality its the same, the products shipped here and in India all came from the US office. However, the pricing varies due to differences in currencies as well as government taxes and other fees.

      1. Hi’ am mhelgien from dubai’ i am starting using this product.. i just want to know if it is good for me to take this cardio at the same time taking vitamin e and b complex ?

    2. hi sir , how about if someone have a M**** ? is this medicine is effective ? how long it will take ? thank you .

  2. hello my daughter diagnose a b******** g***** and she undergo radiation therapy, will TF plus help her to fast or speedy recovery and there side effect taking it while she undergo RT? because it takes 30 days RT planning treatment

      1. Hi just want to ask also about this product bcoz my son is still taking his maintanance medicine, so it is okay that he use 4life transferfactor and riovida? Thank u

      2. Goodevening, just want to ask. Somebody gave me a bottle of malepro but it is already expired. My question is that can I take it despite of almost 8 months expired date. Thanks

  3. Hi! I have been diagnosed with Type II d******* and on 2 types of Insulin injections. I am also taking other medicines. Will Glucoach be effective form or will it not be affecting my present medications. My daughter who is in the Philippines recommended it for me but I want to be sure before I get Glucoach. Have you got any supplier here in the UK?

  4. my auntie is diagnose of stage 4 colon c*****… she undergo in chemotherapy. What kind of transfer factor is recommended to her?

  5. My wife is having o************* as a result of progressive form of a********* resulted to breakdown of the cartilage on her knee resulting to chronic pains. Please is it possible to regain her cartilage back if she start using Transfer Factor Plus?

  6. I am on a d******* now for more than 1 year my creatine goes up and down. what kind of transfer factor shall i take to lower my creatinine?

      1. good morning, I am devid suffering from r********* a********* for the last 7 years present my tennis elbow cartilege damaged severe pain without medicines i cannot bear pl could you guide me which 4 life product how long qty daily i can take ..and is there any completely heal from this.. pl help me

  7. Hello I’m a c***** survivor. I was diagnosed with non hodgkins back in 2014. I use transfer factor plus glutamine prime and malepro. Please tell me when are the best times to take these supplements. And do you recommend taking them at the same time?

    1. Hi, you may try these three products you mentioned all at the same time. It is best taken on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before meals, in the morning, lunch and dinner. 😃

      1. Hi my father is suffering from esophaguel c*****
        would you recomand him to take TF plus tri formula, tf advanced and
        tf riovida? together at the same time
        because Ired somewhere that one doctor ussed the three of these TF
        on a patient with stage 4 c***** and he got well
        please I need a quick replay
        I would really appreciate your replay so much
        God bless you

  8. Thanks a lot God bless you
    I am sorry for bothering you with questioons but I want to make sure
    that I am buying the right TF .
    My father is in usa right now
    Can I buy glutamine prime sapperated?
    I wish you all the best

      1. Thaanks a lot
        I really appreciate your help and advice
        I am sorry but I have the last question
        The dosage should be used as it says on the can or you can give me an advice for that?
        I wish you all the best

      1. Hi doctor my father consumes alcohol at night time so should i not give him transfer factor capsules at night ??

  9. should i give them to my father with some water through the J tube?
    because my father is being feeded with J tube

      1. Hi ako si Josephine ng Japan umiinom ako ngayon ng 4life transfer factor plus ok Lang ba na I continue ko to may sumasakit Kase ang tyan ko at yung almuranas ko sobra sakit yan Kase ang ni recommended ng hipag ko kasabay pala ng Bio Efa ang inom ko nyan salamat

    1. However, some people may experience the so called “herxheimer effect”, a natural response of the body to eliminate accumulated toxins. It may vary from person to person and typically lasts for about three days up to 2 weeks.

      1. Tanong ko po ulit kung pano pag inom at kung Tama yung recommended ng hipag ko sa sakit ko thanks

  10. Hi I have started giving to my father since 5 days ago
    4 4Life Plus X 3 times daily
    2 4Life tri-facctor X 3 times daily
    3 Glutamine Prime X 2 times daily
    40 ML Riovida X 3 times daily

    But my father feels a lot like vamiting , and today had diarrhea
    What do you think about it?
    Is it a problem?
    Is the dosage ok ?

    1. May I ask for your location mam? Shipments normally arrive the next day. For weekend transactions your order may arrive on Monday. I suggest you try our Riovida and Glutamine prime. ☺️

  11. I’m taking tri factor plus and bio efa but I stop when I was pregnant. Is it safe to continue drinking the tri factor or tri factor plus and bioefa while I’m 6 months pregnant. Thank you for your advice.

  12. Hi, I am a breast c***** patient, stage 2 and I stop my chemotherapy treatment. I’m still lacking of 5 cycles. Now, I am taking tf plus 6 capsules a day as recommended by my friend. I just started a week ago. Please advise. Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi, I have been recommended having T. Factor plus in a drink. I saw your comment about having on an empty stomach…. Does that include drinks, or is it fine in liquid? Thank you..

      1. I just started using tri factor for my g********..but im pregnant right now..should i continue taking this supplement?

      2. Sir I have high b**** presure since 8 yers my age 40 can completely control BP withot taking any tablet in future if i use crdio tri factor

  14. Una consulta, empeze con el tratamiento de quimo,x c***** de mama, y puedo tomar 4 life trifactor q dosis,hay alguna interaccion? Y q más me recomienda?

  15. kindly help out my story is very sad my sister is married and she has been suffering from severe r********* a******** since last 8 years now her legs became weak she is hopeless on recovery everyday she cries and iam also crieng i heard about transfer factor kindly suggest me how much time will it take to little recovery i dont have big money kindly suggest can she be liitle recovered in 3 months how much time will take to see results with this transfer factor.roughly kindly answer iam waiting for your reply sir

    1. Hi Muda! I will just share our experience. My mother-in-law suffered from R********* A******** for years like your sister, we have consulted many doctors but to no avail. I bought her TF Pure and KBU, she is taking 2capsules of TF pure and 2capsules of KBU in the morning before meals, same dosage in the evening. My husband is so happy now with the improvement of my mom-in-law, she had really drastic improvements. Thanks a lot to 4Life products. Thanks be to God! Now, she’s still taking it to continue healing with God’s help.

  16. Hi, i am on atkint diet and at the same time consuming 4life supplement. I just realized that the carbs on 4life is exceed
    from the amount of carbs from atkin diet. Should i stop using this? or can i still continue consume 4life?

    1. Hello, what specific 4Life product are you taking? Upon checking, if you happen to take tf plus (90 capsule bottle in Philippine market), taking 2 capsules contains 3.5 kcal and 2 kcal from fat.

      1. Im taking 4life tri factor formula 60 capsule. So is it ok to consume? thank u sir for ur time for replying

  17. What is your recommended dosage for a patient with CML l*******. We just got a bottle of tf plus. He is taking medication to control his white cell count, but thankfully no chemo has been necessary.

  18. Hello sir, is transfer factor pure safe for my 6 year old son? Because i have bought the product and have been giving him 1 capsule every day. I noticed after a week of giving it, he started to have a fever and runny nose. My friend told me it’s only the reaction of the body, but I’m still worried if it’s really safe for kids? Coz I think there is a transfer factor for kids, but it’s not available here in the Philippines. Hope you can enlighten me please. I’m really worried.

      1. Hi there, I did not received any email. We started giving my dad KBU this week and now he was suffering of LBM since last night, his poop is color green. Is it normal? Plz reply ASAP

  19. Hello,my 7 yrs old son had speech delay.What product he need to take in 4 life product?and how he will take it.please help

  20. My son 21 years old has a 4th stage g***********.t**** is removed and had gone 6 weeks ofchemo and radiation.will transfor factor plus heal him.

  21. Hey for the last 2 months some one I know has been suffering from penile nerve damage from doing some exercise. is taking KBU or Renuvo a good product and also Transfer Factor Plus a good way to go to fix this person’s problem.

  22. Hello, I am looking at life 4science products. My aunt has stage 4 colon c*****, what’s ur experience with outcome? Saw ur recommendation, but want to know if it improves survival. What are the side effects of these meds? Are they available in India?

  23. Hello from UAE, please tell me which 4life product is good for high BP and cholesterol and where can I buy it here in Dubai. Thanks so much

  24. I have R********* A******** and I would like to know how transfer factor will help suppress or compress my immune system ? How many pills should I take daily and how long it will take for me to see the effect?

  25. I am from India. My brother age 33 diagnosed AM L******* in Jan 2015 after that he received several cycles of hidac chemotherapy. In august 2016 his Am l******* relapsed . His platelets counts , Tlc and hb are low . He used to transfused Platlets and blood many times . Please advise us about you 4life transfer factor.

  26. Hi i have been feeling weak and ears ringing for 5 months now. M****** continuos 2 wks intetval. Been taking tf plus for 6 wks now on a normal dosage 3 caps a day. Is that ok? Not improving much though but slowly?

  27. Why does one need to continuously take TF when the information it contains could be taught and remembered by our immune system? How much does one need to take to make sure everything that the IS need to know are fully transferred considering they are not meant for nourishment. TFPlus has cordyvant so taking it continuously is understandable. Thank you very much.

  28. Hi my father has lung c***** phase 1-2. I bought 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula and riovida as a recommendation by a friend. Could you tell me what is the doses recommended. and if TF is prejudicial for his liver, he also has c********. Thank you

  29. I am from California. I have been taking medication for blood pressure for 8 years now. Which Transfer factor should I take. This is going to be my first time. I am 58 years old. Where do I get the product?

    1. My daughter is 3 years old and consitantly seems to catch everything that is going around at her kindergarten – c*****,
      Colds Runny nose . D****** etc
      Is riovida useful and if so what is recommend dosage . Is TF chewable good too ?

  30. i have h************* my thyroid glands were removed thru iodine uptake. 18 yrs ago. i am now 49yrs old. my immune system started to weaken when i was 40yrs old. i also have now sacro lumbar problem and is affecting my daily activity. what 4 life product do you recommend?

  31. hi my son diagnosis with brain t**** m************** can TF help may son?pls reply..what tf product will i give to him?

  32. I am from India, my wife has been sufferring from chocolate c**** in her both overy. Can she use transfer factor plus and Belle vie? She is 29 yrs old and we are planing for baby.. medicine is also continue for the same. Can transfer factor plus and Belle vie is helpful in pregnancy ?

  33. Hello John pls help me of what shall i take being a d******* for 13yrs and have a high creatine and maybe have a problem in kidney i’m afraid to see doctor i don’t want conventional medicines and have a high b**** pressure too Thank you very kindly

      1. Hi, I am 26 year old and suffering from C****** K***** D****** stage 5. Pls advise which TF should i take and dosage. I mean empty stomach or after meal.

  34. May a 3 years old child take “4Life Transfer Factor Chewable Tri-Factor formula”? I ask about this since the product does not refer to child dose…

  35. I’m a new member of 4life and availed a “leader pack”. I myself is taking a few of the prodcuts. What is the proper in take of the products. Is it 2hrs. before meals or 30 min. does it matter? Can I take glutamine, Efa CLA and TF at the same time or it should be on interval? Please I need your responce. Many thanks.

  36. Hi,
    I have a 2 year old son who has just been diagnosed with A*****. We have started giving him 1 capsule of transfactor tri-factor twice a day. He has developed diarrhoea and runny nose. Just wondering if this could be a side effect from the transfactor?

    1. Hi, there are no reported side effects upon taking these products, but this could be the immune system’s reaction to certain threats that are being eliminated from our body. I advise you increase water intake and give ample time for rest. ☺️

  37. Hello John,
    Could you give me a distributor’s contact details in the UK please?
    Would really appreciate that.
    Also why is the TF + recommended for certain isssues and the TF classic or pure for another? How to distinguish which one is used for what conditions?
    Can you send me an email please cause I would not remember to look at this site.
    Thank you very much.
    Ms Odette Sprockel

  38. My husband had a mild s***** is it ok for him take Transfer factor tri-factor and Cardio together and can you let me know the doses how much to take. He is on medications now so is it ok for him to take 4life products mentioned with the medications. Thanks

  39. I trust the 4life products because my sister had s***** of facial drooling and I gave her TF plus and after 3days she recovered, her face returned to normal. Now my husband is suffering from s***** his left side body and face is numb and is currently taking cholesterol and High B**** Pressure control medicine. So is it ok to give 4life products while he is on the medications mentioned above and how to give it: TF plus Tri-factor and TF Cardio.

      1. Hi, I am 26 year old and suffering from C****** K***** D****** stage 5. Pls advise which TF should i take and dosage. I mean empty stomach or after meal

  40. I’m interested in this product can you please mail me the link of research conducted on this product. Is it approved by FDA, US?
    The content of Cardio 4Life is no different than other available dietary supplement, how is this product different?

  41. Good day.. i am 6 yrs trying to conceive and diagnosed partially blocked fallopian tube. does transfer factor can help for me to get pregnant? how long it will effect?

  42. My father is taking 2 TF advance X2 , 2 glucoah X 2 daily , with in how many days can I expect the positive result already two weeks completed.

    Should we follow any diet if so please mail me

    If medicine shows improvement many other people can take the medicine

  43. hi. can transfer factor product help in trying to conceive. i had 3 miscarriages due to Reproductive immune disorder. can this help with people with immune issues like me.

      1. hi sir john. received your email. my case is different. as per my laboratory test, my immune system is attacking my pregnancy. do you have immunologist in this company that can recommend TF product? I am Cat 1, 3 & 5. immunologist are famliar with this immune disorder.

  44. hi john. i purchased 4life products in february 2017. stopped taking them last summer (2017). now (december 2017) i’m wanting to take the remaining products (PRO-TF, unused yet), Renuvo (unused yet), and remaining capsules (KBU, Glutamine Prime, MalePro, 4Life Transfer Factor (plus). are they still safe? what’s their expiration date? can’t find them on the bottles.

  45. Hello John,

    Sorry if this has been asked before but is it safe to take expired supplements? I have a bottle of Cardio, Glutamine and Transfer Factor that I forgot to take. Their expiry dates are 2017 as written at the bottom of the bottles. The bottles were never opened.


    1. In rare cases, some people experience acidity when taking Glutamine Prime before meals. Try taking it 2 hours after meal. If you still experience discomfort you may switch to Riovida juice instead. Thank you! 😀

  46. Hi! I bought once in late 2016 theTF plus -tri. I had been consuming for several days and stopped.Can i continue consuming them now (Feb.2018) The expiry date of the TF plus-tri was -Nov’2016.

  47. Hello..My dad was diagnosed with advanced stage c**** c*****.Recently started the TF Plus(90 capsules) but don’t know how many capsules to take in a day. People say to take 10 capsules each in morning, day time and at kindly suggest me the recommended dose in this case.

  48. hello doctor. Is that fine to drink alcohol with transfer factor classic after I drunk transef factor day of six? Because i had ill my kidney after that day.Can you aswer my question please?

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