New 4Life products in the Philippines

new products 4life philippines

Take a look at the newly launched items in the Philippines, bringing in products that cater to specific areas of concern in the body, expanding the 4Life Transfer Factor line and introducing a new set of aromatic products that’s first unveiled in asian markets.


4life chewable

4Life Transfer Factor Chewables is a delicious orange-cream flavored tablets ideal for kids and adults who prefer taking chewable tablets instead of swallowing capsules. Each tablet is packed with 200mg of Transfer Factor molecules that provide immune information to help strengthen your body’s immune system. Click for more information


4Life Transfer Factor ReCall is a targeted brain support designed for optimal mental function. It contains antioxidants, a blend of herbal nutrients, and immune intelligence brought by 4Life Transfer Factor molecules. Click for more information


4life Probiotics

4Life Probiotics is a proprietary blend of five active probiotic strains for gastrointestinal health and digestive function. Each capsule contains 10 billion live microorganisms or “good” bacteria that helps maintain intestinal wellness. Click for more information


4Life Essential Oils is the newest addition to 4Life’s growing line of products. It is made up of 100% pure oils that are powerful, unique and natural. Each oil has been carefully collected from a global supply of scientifically-documented, certified, and essential plant components to provide an optimal aesthetic experience for your body, soul, and life. 4Life essential oils come in a variety of aromas and can be diffused or applied to your body when mixed with a carrier oil. Click for more information

4life philippines

For concerns/inquiries and to order products, please contact John Orellana at 0917-8686897 or (02) 330-7330 or visit Accepting nationwide orders.

One thought on “New 4Life products in the Philippines

  1. I am interested with your products after I heard about them. My daughter is 26 years old and was diagnosed with o****** c***. She doesn’t like to undergo surgery, if possible. May I seek advice from you? May I also know the requirements for a distributor so I can avail of discounts. Thank you!

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