Composed of amino acids, Glutamine Prime is the raw ingredient needed by your body to produce its own Glutathione supply. It is continually needed and used by the immune system and reserves can become depleted by everyday stress such as exercising, busy day-to-day life, or struggling with various health issues.

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4life glutamine glutathione


  • Fuels immune cell activity
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • Supports immune function, especially during times of increases stress
  • Features the immune system support of NanoFactor extract
  • Excellent companion to any 4Life product

Fuel for your Immune System

Glutamine Prime is formulated with the rich energy source of glutamine to help optimize immune cell function. In addition, it includes the building blocks of important antioxidant glutathione, which helps protect cells from oxidation caused by free radicals, and features 4Life’s NanoFactor extract for enhanced communication between immune cells. It is an excellent companion product to the complete line of 4Life Transfer Factor products.

4life transfer factor glutamine prime supplement factsGlutamine Prime Features

  • Supports enhanced communication between immune cells and helps modulate immune cell response.
  • Provides immune cell fuel from glutamine to help optimize immune cell function, especially during times of increased stress.
  • Includes the building blocks of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced in every cell of the body, including immune cells.
  • Enhances immune system support by promoting your body’s ability to more efficiently use the education provided by other 4Life Transfer Factor products.Download Product Profile Sheet

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159 thoughts on “Transfer Factor Glutamine Prime

      1. hi sir gud morning is it true that glutamine prime can help to cleanse your liver?. because when they have their TI n E here in our area thats what they said.. thank you

      1. Skin lightening is perceived as a “side effect” of taking Glutathione products. I would like to point out the health benefits more than the aesthetic benefits of taking Glutamine Prime though. πŸ˜€

  1. Does this product help athletes, with energy as well as growth, and how many tablets does a 14 year old boy should take a day?

    1. Hi, yes glutamine prime is good for those who need extra energy for intense activities. However, this product is recommended for people ages 18 and above since young people’s glutathione supply inside their body is still plenty. You may try Transfer Factor Tri-factor (TF pure) instead.

      1. hello sir gud day again, if you have cholesterol or blood pressure problems what kind of transfer factor can u offer to me?. thank u

  2. i was advised to take glutamine prime and bio efa 3x a day so i bought 1 bot glutamine and bioefa 2 bottles, after i take it for a period of time is it ok to stop the bioefa and just continue with glutamine?

  3. hello. i read in the internet, glutamine prime can be used with a person with e******* and enhances the mood? is it true?

  4. Hello! I just want to ask if Glutamine Prime is really for stress? I need some help and info. how to explain it to my adviser for our research because he’s quite afraid if the other key ingredients would have an affect to those who are going to intake. How can you say that your product is safe? That there is no over dosage. Do you have any study on Glutamine Prime? Please I really need your help. I dont want to use other products. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. I bought glutamine prime. How many time per day i need to use it? Im 19 old and me. Also my work is related to physical activity.

  6. My husband has e********** of the heart, with sugar (d*******). He’s 42 years old. But his heartbeat is for 80 yrs old. He is taking plenty of medicines. My friend gave me 4life transfer Factor cardio and advised me to take my husband 1cardio capsule, 1 Tri factor and 1gluta in the morning and same set in the afternoon before meal. Is it okay to take those? Thanks

  7. Hi… my wife having a big c*** in her left ovary.. a lot of medications we try but it still there.. her Obgyni told that she needs surgery to remove it.. but she dont want.. shes seeking for a medicine that might help to elaminate her c***. .please help.. thanks.

  8. hi .good day .just purchased a bottle of Glutamine Prime .just wanna ask do i have to take it before meal or after meal?TIA..i am 42 years working in a very a very stressful job as senior Account Executive.

    1. it is recommended before meal but a good friend who is working in a medical field suggests to take it at night because it is the time that our liver is detoxing, and glutamine is very good for liver cleansing, Also try Renuvo

  9. My blood laboratory result on my sgpt is very high 74.5 while the normal is 4 – 41. Does glutamine prime help lower it? With these following result of my blood lab test. My SGPT/ALT result is 74.5, my Creatinine is 107.0, my FBS is 7.1, my triglycerides is 2.10, HDL is 0.79, LDL is 3.51, cholesterol is 5.2. Please help me with a treatment. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. Hi sir. What product can be taken by my daughter who always suffer from d*********** during her menstruation

  11. Is it ok to take glutamine.. Kung may f**** liver? Nag aacid din po tyan ko. At may dati ako h************** 13 yrs ago ng mag radioactive po ako at nag me maintenance po ako. May anxiety din po ako at umiinum ng jovia.. Madalas po kc akong stress sa work.. Teacher po ako.

  12. Pwede po bs. Magtake ng may medicine po ako maintainance? At jovia? Kc may anxiety po ako. Lagi po ako stress. At dati po ako my h************** 14 yrs ago peru nag radio active na po noon pa. May f**** liver po ako. At lagi nsg aacid tyan ko. G*** po.

  13. Hi, i have an anxiety disorder so i tried this because it decreases stress. it is my first time to take it. and after aproximately 40 mins. i feel like i’m going to collapse. i’m still 17 should i stop taking it? and continue when i’m older enough? please reply. thank you πŸ™‚

  14. Hi, i have an anxiety disorder, and i take this because it decreases stress. i took it now and after aproximately 40 mins, i feel like i’m going to collapse. i’m still 17, should i stop using it and continue when i’m older enough?

  15. Hi sir. I have E********** of heart, Liver C*** 3.3 cm.. swelling legs, b****** stomach…what kind of product shall I take
    I am 44 yrs old having no child.

  16. HI.. May I ask if taking glutamine in the morning before breakfast and before bedtime can stay u awake all day long?I am taking glutamine and I can’t sleep during day time. And I feel tired and sleepy but I can’t sleep. I******* attacks everyday. Can I stop taking this?

  17. Hi, Is it safe to take glutamine prime, cardio, tf plus & tfpure while I have a 2 daily maintenance medication, one in the morning and 1 in evening? Please response. Thanks!

  18. Hi John Orellana
    I just diagnosed of S********** which is I found out that there is no medicine for this means not curable. Can I take the Glutamine Prime or which product of 4life you can advice me to use as my supplement. I believe 4Life can help me to prevent this kind of this illness. Please I need your advice. And I just started the test and still going on more test. The hospital try to help me is East Avenue Medical Center.

  19. Hello po.. i hope u will take consideration regarding my concern.. i have f**** liver and skin problems (pimples and light m******) may i ask the dosage of glutamine that im going take for immediate effects of this glutamine..?

  20. hi sir..good day…my neighbor introduced to me your product…I’ve finished my riovida and am now taking the glutamine prime…at first i was only taking 2 caps a day…now im taking in 6 caps a day…noticeably, im feeling less stressed from my work and i dont easily get tired. And i can see that my skin tone is lightening. Im only on my second month…
    just want to ask if im taking the caps cautiously at 6 or am i overtaking it? and is there any side effect of taking it 6 capsules a day?
    …thanks in advance.

  21. Have a good day..Ask lng ako..Okay lng ba ang maraming gamot na iinumin.gaya ng Vista, Cardio, Glutamine Prime at Transfer Factor Plus.gawa ng marami akong karamdaman. Pero yong Vista as in na amaze talaga ako sa gamit.kc dati nag eyeglass ako.Ngayon ay hindi na.

  22. Good noon!
    Hi Sir John

    Ask lng po, hindi ba maapektahan ang kidney dahil sa dami ng gamit na iniinom. Umiinom kc ako ng cardio , TF Plus, Vista, Glutamine Prime, Life C at BioGenistein all 4lufe product. Every day po ako umiinom nyan.


  23. Hi good day, pwede po ba ako uminom ng glutamine, wala na ako uterus and ovary for the past 7 yrs. then kakaalis lang din ng galbladder ko last 6 months…tapos may maintenance ako para sa h***********; Ok lang po ba uminom nyan kasi meron pong nag bigay sa akin pati yong transfer factor plus. Paano po pag take nyan.Tnx

    1. As long as hindi naman po kayo na organ transplant, pwede po kayo mag take ng products natin. I don’t see anything wrong sa 2 products you have right now pero you may also try Riovida and Cardio in the future. ☺️

  24. Ilang beses po sa isang araw pwede mag take ng glutamine prime? At anong mas ok po before meal or after? Thank you po

  25. Hi, one of my friend have liver e**********. He is 40 yrs old. Can you advice me what kind of product should he be recommended from 4LIFE.

  26. I’m taking glutamine prime… Since the ingredients are from cow’s milk and egg yolk, is it safe for me to continue using glutamine prime even though i have a kidney problem( p********** kidney).since protein is not advisable. Thank you..

  27. i was diagnosed with f**** liver and i am planning to take Tri Factor Plus and Glutamine Prime. I also have back problem s******* and meniscal tear repair. pls advise thanks!

  28. Hi, I actually purchased glutamine bottle. Though I just want to verify. do i really need to take it 6x a day? or 2x a day would also be fine? I’m still not opening the bottle yet. Looking forward for your response. thanks

  29. Good evening, may I asked​ if glutamine prime can be taken along with whitening products like “glutathione supplement”.. will there be no side effects, if I take them both?
    or glutamine prime can also be whitening alone? So that I will not take it with a glutathione supplement

  30. hi am interested i your response to chris regarding taking glutamine combined with other whitening products, i.e. gluta white capsules. is it okay to take both. now am taking glutamine 2 tabs am/. would it be safe to take another whitening products with vitamin c?

  31. Hi John, I have a glutamine prime which was expired on Sept 2, 2018. I totally forgot about it. Would it be okay if I still take it? Tia

  32. Hello po, i have glutamine prime kso pano po ba sya i take? bukod po sa nkalagay na 1 capsule daily? thanks in advance, Godbless☺

    1. Hi Samantha, for best results, our products are designed for one month consumption. You may divide the number of capsules found in the bottle by 30 days to get the suggested daily intake for each product. Hope that helps! πŸ˜€

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