Filipino Boy gets special help from Foundation4Life

4life outreachAnthony Mendoza is a special-needs young man in the Foundation 4Life-adopted community in the Philippines. Anthony contracted meningitis back when he was seven years old, and because his family couldn’t afford proper medical treatment, the meningitis caused him to be blinded completely. The 4Life service community development project helps children like Anthony through special education programs and a high-quality nutrition program that includes 4Life Fortify, a complete meal packed with nutrients.

Since the inception in 2006, Foundation4Life have reached out in over 20 countries and more than 73 service projects. Foundation4Life builds a legacy of service by fostering long-term, sustainable partnerships with orphanages and childcare centers. The Foundation seeks for a better lives of children as they progressively focus on three main areas: Nutrition, Shelter, and Education.