Riovida combines the immune-boosting benefits of Transfer Factor with antioxidant rich superfruits including açaí, pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape. Every 30ml serving gives you 600mg of Transfer Factor. Perfect for overall health and wellness.

Riovida comes in 2 variants, the juice (1 liter, 2 bottles in a box) and the gel type (30ml per sachet, 15 sachets in a box). Riovida burst is convenient and contains all the essential nutrients and Transfer Factor goodness in an easy to carry sachet that needs no refrigeration.

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Primary Benefits

  • Provides fast, broad spectrum immune system support
  • Promotes increased energy and healthy function of all other systems throughout the body
  • Provides a rich source of antioxidants that help protect the body from naturally occurring free-radicals
  • Contains a composition of essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals and flavonoids
  • Contains 600mg (about 2 capsules) of Transfer Factor in every 30ml serving or 1 sachet
  • Powerful drink to help flush out unwanted toxins in the body

A Liquid Powerhouse

Riovida is a delicious, nutritional juice-revolution. It is the one and-only beverage supplement in the world that provides the immune-boosting benefits of Tri-Factor Formula with antioxidant rich superfruits, including: açaí, pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape. This intense concentration of active ingredients provides education that supports the body’s ability to maintain everyday health and energy.



What makes this product unique? 

  • Transfer factors are tiny messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a breastfeeding mother and her newborn infant.
  • Independent studies show that Tri-Factor Formula can boost immune system effectiveness by raising Natural Killer cell function at an impressive 283 percent.
  • This is the first product to stabilize transfer factors in a liquid.
  • Açai berries provide off-the-chart antioxidant ratings, amino acids, fatty acids, and more.
  • Blueberries support digestive system health and work to support normal inflammatory responses.
  • Elderberries work to neutralize free radicals, support your cardiovascular system health, and support your body’s ability to manage stress.

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  1. Would this be considered 100% natural without any chemicals or preservatives? Also, would this benefit individuals who constantly get muscle spasms and always in a depressed mood, feeling weak, have difficulties with joints, and very weak in general (both mentally and physically)?

  2. Sir how many ssachet per box of riovida burst.can you send me a reply to my to order from Taipei Taiwan.thanks I want to try it for my mom.wait for your reply

  3. How much it cost the riovida burst product? This product is good for how many weeks when you have one bottle?

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